Men’s Mattress Buying Guide

Men’s Mattress Buying Guide

When It Comes To Buying a Mattress – First Thing’s First Men.  Do You Need a New Mattress?

That’s the big question. Be sure that your bed is to blame for your sleepless nights. Chances are if a couple of these signs apply to you, it’s time to start shopping:

Can you answer yes to any of these questions?

  • Do you often wake up with aches and pains…and your name isn’t Nick Nolte?
  • Your bed hasn’t aged well. It sags, has lumps and when you change the sheets you can see things poking through…like wires.
  • You often think to yourself, “I need a good night’s sleep. I better stay on the couch tonight”

Regarding the age of your bed, you might think eight years or so isn’t very long. But it’s important to remember that as you grow older, and become a bit creakier, your bed has to keep up with your body’s needs and still give you proper support.

We’re not here to sell you on a new mattress. But we can’t underestimate the importance of getting solid sleep. In today’s over-worked, caffeine-fueled society, proper sleep can help reduce stress levels, increase productivity and keep you healthier. To get better sleep, maybe you need a new bed or just better habits at night.

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