Sealy Conform Mattresses

Sealy Conform

Our traditional, innerspring option responds to your every movement and offers you an exceptional level of support, including our exclusive Posturepedic Technology™.

About Sealy Conform Mattresses

Sealy Conform is the new memory foam collection replacing Sealy Optimum. These mattresses represent the latest in Sealy’s memory foam technology, offering exceptional comfort and support at a good value. Posturepedic Technology delivers targeted support to each part of your body, ensuring proper sleep posture so you wake up each morning feeling well-rested without stiffness or soreness.

Sealy Conform mattresses use different combinations of high-quality foam, memory foam, and gel foam to achieve a variety of comforts.

Sealy Conform mattresses are categorized into three sub-brands depending on the materials and features they include. Below you can learn more about each sub-brand and the features available with each.

Sealy Conform Essentials

The Sealy Conform Essentials category focuses on affordable prices, offering a great value on the quality comfort you would expect from Sealy. Sealy Conform Essentials mattresses utilize a variety of durable foams to achieve ideal support in a range of different comforts.

  • Entry-level models
  • Adjustable base compatible
  • Affordable
  • High-value, CertiPUR-US certified foams
  • SolidEdge HD System
  • 1 to 10 year warranties

Sealy Conform Performance

Sealy Conform Performance mattresses represent the mid-range category of Sealy’s foam models, adding exclusive Posturepedic Technology and enhanced foams. Performance models are a level above the Essentials category, including more luxury features and higher cost gel memory foam.

  • Mid-range models
  • Adjustable base compatible
  • Advanced comfort foams
  • Good value
  • ComfortLoft Covers
  • SolidEdge HD System or new DuraFlex Edge System
  • CertiPUR-US certified materials
  • 10 year warranties